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Composites make it possible in Sydney

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

Damien Judd has just snapped a photo of this incredible composite sculpture, named "Halo", in Central Park, Chippendale in Sydney, Australia.

The Halo Sculpture's ring is made from carbon fibre., composites
The Halo Sculpture's ring is made from carbon fibre.

Wikipedia reports that Halo is made from carbon fibre and is joined together with stainless steel connections.

Essentially, it's a 40' (12m) ring, "suspended" 40' off the ground.

Wikipedia explains that "the sculpture consists of a 12-metre diameter tapered yellow ring held by a 6 metre long silver cantilevered arm pivoting off-centre atop a 13 metre high angled silver mast. The arm also serves as a sail, allowing the ring to turn and tilt in response to live winds".

Dare to be different because it's possible with composites.

Further information

  • For further information on the Halo project, click here.

  • Note: Triac Composites is not involved with the Halo project in any way, shape or form. It is promoted as an example of what becomes possible with composites. Halo was built by Innovation Composites in Australia.

What if you built it in composites?

  • Could it eliminate those issues (eg rust, fatigue, weight, weakness etc) associated with other materials?

  • Could it open up new possibilities and horizons?

Why not ask us? You'll never know if you never ask...


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