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Happy Lunar New Year 2024!!

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

Triac Composites would like to wish all a Happy Lunar New Year as we prepare to welcome in the Year of the Dragon.

Triac Composites will be closed from 5.30pm on Tuesday 6 February 20024 and will reopen at 7.30am on Monday 19 February.

During this period we will also:

  • Join the Miami International Boat Show with Rapido 40 #08. The Show is on from 14-18 February. We will be at Booth FEC653.

  • Commission Rapido 40 #08 in Miami (it actually arrives in the US today)

  • Commission Rapido 40 #07 in New Zealand. It is the first all electric Rapido.

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

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