Natural light brightest quality in office space concludes research

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Vietnam Green Buildings Council seminar, HCMC, 19 December 2018.

Office staff have declared that natural light is the most sought after quality in an office environment according to research presented at a Vietnam Green Buildings Council seminar held in HCMC yesterday (19 December, 2018).

The seminar titled, Living Walls & Biophilic Design Principles, examined ways of raising productivity of staff in the work environment by making their work spaces healthier and more beautiful.

Top 5 qualities in work environment

The company, Interface, presented research which identified the Top 5 most sought after qualities in the work environment which are listed below:

  1. Natural light (44 per cent)

  2. Indoor plants (20 per cent)

  3. Quiet working space (19 per cent)

  4. View of the sea (17 per cent)

  5. Bright colours (15 per cent)

The Top 5 elements for "Most wanted in the office space". Vietnam Green Buildings Council seminar, HCMC, 19 December 2018.

Role of composites in green buildings

Composites have an important role to play in the construction of green buildings - especially when compared with the traditional building materials of concrete, steel, wood, and masonry.

Composites are:

  • Light weight - reduces transportation costs and greenhouse gas emissions. It also reduces costs for the building foundation and structure as the composites weigh less than the traditional materials.

  • Corrosion resistant - requires less maintenance and enjoys a longer life as the negative effects of water, salt and UV are eliminated.

  • Durable - longer life.

  • Insulative qualities - For temperature and reduces noise

  • High strength - Depending upon requirements, composite products can be stronger than steel and can support loads in any and multiple directions. This attribute gives the architect "freedom of design" to design something spectacular (also see building facades).

To ensure safety at all times, fire retardants are used during the process.

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