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Triac Composites launches new website

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

Triac Composites is delighted to launch our new website today on 24 May 2018.

New website

The new website is designed to provide our current and potential customers with a source of information about composites in general - as well as to inform the wider market about the exciting projects that Triac Composites is undertaking.

To better inform our customers, we will keep an active, updated, News / Blog page on all relevant developments.

Social Media

The new website complements our other information channels, namely:

Email us with a question or comment

Do you have a question or comment? Please email us.

What if you built it in composites?

  • Could it eliminate those issues (eg rust, fatigue, weight, weakness etc) associated with other materials?

  • Could it open up new possibilities and horizons?

Why not ask us? You'll never know if you never ask... Email

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