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Video: Vietnam's rivers, a world for composite boats

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Did you know that Vietnam has 2,360 rivers with a combined length of a staggering 41,900 kilometres?

And they are amazingly picturesque.

Whether they're weaving their way through cities, rice fields, mangroves they are a sight to behold.

With the myriad of colours in the sky's morning / midday / evening light, there are no two times on Vietnam's rivers that are ever the same.

Now, Triac Composites is opening up Vietnam's rivers to the wider community. Composite boats are the ideal vehicle to explore them.

Perhaps the exclusive Party River Boat for 15 passengers with a wide, open expansive deck for eating and drinking? The first boat will be launched in December 2018

Or a power boat (details to follow)?

Triac Composites builds composite boats

Triac Composites builds pleasure and commercial boats for Vietnam and beyond (including Europe, Australia, ASEAN, China and USA).

Love the water! (But please keep it clean and take your rubbish with you.)

Further information


Triac Composites is an internationally owned and managed company based in HCMC, Vietnam.

To view on Facebook - see below.

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