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A history to succeed

A history to succeed

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About Us

[Photo caption above: Triac Composites' 65 staff and Australian management team visited Vung Tau for a team building day.]

 Triac Composites is an internationally owned and managed company,

based in HCMC, Vietnam.


While Triac Composites' origins are in manufacturing composite sailing

boats, its future actively includes expanding the use of composites into

other industries. 

Collectively, the Principals in the company have built more than 1,500 sailing boats over the last 30 years in three countries (Australia, USA and now, Vietnam). Each sailing boat was been built with composites - for very good reasons:

Why are composites the material of choice for the Principals' sailing boats?

  • Sailing boats rely on the wind. The lighter the boat, the faster it can travel so being light-weight is critical.

  • In the middle of the ocean, no one can hear you scream! Sailing boats must be built to withstand the enormous loads placed on them by the wind and water. Composites such as carbon fiber have an extremely high strength to weight ratio that rivals that of steel. Super strong; super light.

  • Sailing boats spend much of their lives in very hostile environments. Salt is an incredibly corrosive agent - but composites do not rust and they are able to withstand the ultra violet rays of the sun.

  • Composites can be moulded and manufactured into virtually any shape giving "design freedom" compared with other, more traditional, materials.

  • (For more benefits of composites, click here.)

Triac Composites: a new beginning, 2014

In 2014, the Principals established Triac Composites, the manufacturing arm of the Hong Kong-based Rapido Trimarans.

The 60' Rapido Trimaran was the first product to be manufactured by Triac


But, while composites are especially well suited to the sailing and marine

industries, their applicability in other industries represents

an enormous opportunity. 


The attributes of being light weight, super strong, non corrosive and

offering design freedom are benefits that other industries will ignore at

their own peril.

Triac Composites' Principals are experts at building boats - and working with composites, whether that is in the marine industry or other industries. 


Triac Composites employs more than 60 highly skilled and motivated Vietnamese staff. Many of these staff have worked with the Directors since they first moved to Vietnam back in 2006 when they relocated a boat-building factory from the USA. 

Key Staff

  • Paul Koch - General Director and Co founder: Paul was the owner of Ostac Yachts from 1986 to 2008 and Corsair Marine from 1994 until 2010 Paul's vision and passion has pioneered numerous multihull innovations (see photo above, on right). 

  • Richard Eyre - Co founder: Richard is a life long sailor, trimaran owner, lawyer and investment banker and brings many years of corporate knowledge and good governance to the company (see photo above, on left).

  • Phil Johns - General Manager: Phil worked with Paul as the Marketing & Business Development Manager of Corsair Marine in Vietnam before joining the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam where he worked as its Executive Director. He joined Triac Composites in April 2018.

  • Mark Waller - Operations Director: A long and rich history in composite boat building that included two decades working with Seawind Catamarans, most recently as Production Manager

  • Zam Bevan - Oversees the production of the of the masts for each of the Rapido Trimarans (40', 50' 50XS and 60').Prior to that, he had 16 years' experience at All Yacht Spars in Australia as a Rigging Supervisor before moving to Corsair Marine in Vietnam as its Trimaran Production Manager.  

  • Benjamin Ellison - Composites boat builder, rigger with extensive experience has worked for himself and other companies in Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Dubai.

  • Ven Tran - Factory Manager: is heavily involved with CAD Drawings and the production. He was an original member of Corsair back in 20o6 when Paul shifted the business from the US to Vietnam and then again when Paul established Triac Composites in 2014. 

  • In addition, Triac employs multiple qualified naval architects as well as working with international naval architects from the US and Thailand.

Triac Composites' recent projects

Triac Composites' recent projects include building:

The projects are varied and cover all shapes, sizes and strengths - all at a very low weight (being composites).

Triac Composites is well positioned to work with you to develop and deliver a composite solution for your needs.

Email us with your question!

Do you have a question? Are composites suitable for your project?


Richard Ward and Paul Koch
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