The World's Ultimate Ocean Cruising Trimarans

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Rapido Trimarans

* Photo above: Rapido 60, "Ineffable", Las Palmas, Canary Islands, November 2018.

[Photo by Carola Breyer]. For more photos and videos, scroll below.

They have been billed as the World's Ultimate Ocean Cruising range of trimarans,

They are Rapido Trimarans and they come in three sizes:



They all offer speed (with the power to accelerate out of trouble) safety, performance and luxury.

The inspiration behind Rapido Trimarans comes from Paul Koch (co founder of Rapido Trimarans), arguably, the man who has built more production trimarans than anyone else on the plane.


The design is by world renowned naval architects, Morrelli & Melvin.


 The construction is by Triac Composites.


The foam sandwich and carbon construction provides an extremely strong and rigid structure that is relatively light and designed to withstand the might of the oceans and offer speed in friendlier conditions.


The foam sandwich construction also offers a high degree of insulation making the Rapido cooler when the sun beats down.

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