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High Tech Composite DSS Foils


DSS Foils for Maxi Yacht

In 2016, Triac Composites manufactured the base structure for the DSS (Dynamic Stability System) Foils on the Maxi Yacht, CQS.


The 8m long foils are structurally engineered to generate 100 tons of lift.


To withstand such loads, each structural skin has approximately 120 layers of high modulus carbon.


The foils were manufactured by Triac Composites using its own autoclave, here in Vietnam.

Footage below

  • Video below is of the Maxi Yacht, CQS, with orange DSS foils, prior to and at the beginning of the 2016 Sydney Hobart Race. By Crosbie Lorimer for Yachting World on You Tube.

  • Still photos further below are from Crosbie Lorimer video referred to above.

  • Side article - CQS, A Transformed Design, by Big Boat Racing. See DSS Aqua Foil System for additional information on the DSS Foils. For additional up close photos of the CQS on the hard with the DSS Foils, please visit Big Boat Racing.


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