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Moulds and prototypes

Kuka Robot.jpg


[Last updated 23 July 2019] Triac Composites new Kuka 6 axis milling robot has arrived - and has milled its first foam blocks as per video below.

The robot has a working area of 22.5m x 3.7m and comes with a 22.5m linear track.

It will initially be used to make perfect plugs (used to make the moulds) for the Rapido 50 and Rapido 40 model trimarans.

In addition, the robot will also be used for numerous other products manufactured by Triac Composites.

We are expecting delivery to our factory in HCMC, Vietnam, by the end of May, 2019.

Video above: training with the new Kuka Robot.

Video above: the new Kuka Robot arrives at Triac Composites' factory on 28 June 2019 in HCMC, Vietnam.

Video above: A You Tube video demonstrating the capability of the Kuka Robot.

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