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RC12, RC17 (Owner's) & RC17 (Commercial): Creating options in commercial and leisure

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For the latest and most detailed information:

Catamarans Vs monohulls​

Catamarans hold a number of advantages over monohulls in commercial and leisure options, including:

  • A softer ride: catamarans provide 30-50 per cent lower "vertical accelerations" on seaway (less "slamming" over swells)

  • The usable length of craft being larger

  • High stability

  • Higher survivability if the hulls are damaged

  • Small "heel" angles at turn

  • Comfortable seating, more space per passenger; and

  • Safe evacuation routes.

In terms of market share, 60-70 per cent of all passenger high speed craft are catamarans.

Rapido Catamarans (RC), a subsidiary of Rapido Trimarans Limited, is marketing a range of commercial catamarans which are designed by Albatross Marine Design (AMD) and built exclusively by Triac Composites.

AMD is a leading Asian-based design office specialising in naval architecture and engineering of small and high speed for craft commercial special and recreational applications with special expertise in design of catamarans and composite structures.


AMD has been recognised with the European Product Design Award in 2019.

RC12Designed for tourism, resorts and as the perfect water taxi commuter vessel

South East Asia, in particular, has a myriad of rivers and canals criss-crossing their way across cities. Often, with too few bridges, these rivers are the great obstacle for commuters attempting to reach their destination by road in a timely manner.

However, while some view the rivers as obstacles and hindrances, others view them as the solution. Fast and efficient passage to your destination enjoying the scenery rather than suffering the stress of snarling traffic jams.

AMD has some designs for water taxis as per below.

RC12 - Concept Drawings



















RC12 - Main Particulars


  • Click on the image below of the "Main Particulars" to open in an expanded window.

  • To download the "Main Particulars" in pdf format, click onto RC12 Main Particulars August 2019.













For further information on the RC12, click here.

The RC17 - Two configurations

  • RC17 (Commercial) - The Ultimate Day Charter Vessel (click here)

  • RC17 (Owner's) - Affordable luxury (click here)


The RC17 is the ultimate day charter vessel having been designed for operators wishing to maximise the return on their investment. versatility is its key.

Features include:

  • Being simple to operate and maintain

  • Propulsion options include diesel, hybrid and electric

  • Ability to "beach" with strengthened hulls, protected props and bow steps for easy access; and

  • Stern steps allow easy swimming access and space for water toys.

RC17 - Concept Drawings



RC17 - Main Particulars

  • Click on the image below of the "Main Particulars" to open in an expanded window.

  • To download the "Main Particulars" in pdf format, click onto RC17 Main Particulars August 2019 .






















The RC17 (picture of RC17 (Owner's) above) has four separate areas for passenger enjoyment; namely:


  1. Upper deck,

  2. Aft deck

  3. Saloon (can be air-conditioned); and

  4. Bow area. 


With the versatility of the RC17, market segments include:


  • Commuter

  • Day charter

  • Up market lunches and dinners

  • Party / disco boat

  • Corporate events

  • Dive boat etc.

RC17 - Further information

Free trade agreements make Vietnam particularly attractive

Vietnam has been working hard to increase its level of competitiveness on the world stage. 

Already, Vietnam is a signatory to 12 free trade agreements and is currently negotiating another seven which is good news for customers wishing to source products from Vietnam.

For further details on the free trade agreements that Vietnam has signed up to, click onto Vietnam’s Free Trade Agreements – Opportunities for Your Business by Dezan, Shira and Associates on 9 May, 2019. 

Enquire now!

For further information on the RC17, please contact us at

We are an internationally owned and managed company with a highly skilled workforce located in HCMC, Vietnam. And our factory also has water frontage which now makes delivery by water an option if required.


It's that easy.

You are also very welcome to visit our factory in HCMC, Vietnam. 

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