The right tools to do the job

Our Capability


Tric Composites is able to do the complete job giving you, the customer, peace of mind. We have extensive experience in:

  • Gel-coating

  • Painting

  • Hand lamination

  • Assembly; and

  • All the usual processes found in typical fibreglass factories.


In addition, we offer the following niche processes and materials:


The autoclave (see photo above and to side) is used for prepreg

to control a high pressure, high temperature, cure profile.

Our machine is 2m in diameter and 8m long

We have made high modulus carbon beams (see in foreground of

side photo) for the Rapido 60 with a structural rating of over

100 tonnes.​

Kuka Robot





In June 2019, Triac Composites took delivery of a Kuka 6 axis milling robot.


The robot has a working area of 22.5m x 3.7m and comes with a 22.5m linear track.


RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding)

Added to our capabilities in 2017, RTM injects a measured dose of resin into a closed mould using pressure.


The process is repeatable and faster than other processes.


The key benefit, however, is that we can get a good quality surface on both sides of the part.


Infusion uses a vacuum to suck resin into the part whilst

compressing all the plies tightly together.


This process is used for large foam-sandwich core parts

such as boat hulls.


The process ensures there are no air voids and no inter laminar

bonds - and sufficient time for staff to position the cloth and

reinforcements before the vacuuming commences.


Factory Address: Factory No. 4, Depot Saigon, Street No. 1 Long Thoi Commune, Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. See Google Maps.


Invoicing / correspondence: Factory No. 4, 9 Nguyen Van Tao Street, Long Thoi Commune, Nha Be District, HCMC, Vietnam.

Phone (English & Tiếng Việt): 
(+84) 28 3636 3220

Email: phil@TriacComposites.com

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