Specialising in marine (yachts and boats), transport, mining, construction and other sectors

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Building FRP / GRP composite plugs and molds


Triac Composites is an international company based in Vietnam which specialises in building FRP / GRP composite plugs and molds to an international standard. If required, we can also manufacture the finished product (products such as composite sailing and power boats).

While our focus is on the marine industry (eg trimarans and catamarans for Rapido Trimarans and Rapido Catamaransboats and yachts, we can also build plugs and molds for other industries including transport, mining and construction /architecture.

The international expertise and experience (USA, Australia and Vietnam) of key personnel in the company stretches more than 30 years' each.

Our capability in this field is enhanced by the arrival of a 7 axis KUKA milling robot which runs on a 22.5m linear track. Accuracy and speed have increased enormously with the arrival of the robot.








Contact Triac Composites

Please email Triac Composites' General Manager, Phil Johns with some brief details of what you are trying to achieve, whether that is:

  • A set of molds and plugs; and/or

  • Composite parts and/or products (which, depending upon the customer's requirements, might be a one-off product or a production run).


We will promptly revert with options so that you can make informed decisions.


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