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Composites: Welcome


Commercial or leisure, we can build it for you!


Do you need composite boat / boats?

As well as building the fleet of Rapido Trimarans, we can also build any other boat from composites.


​So, are you looking for a reputable composite boat builder who knows how to build on time, on spec on budget and with a great finish?

  • [Need a steel or aluminium vessel rather than composite? We can partner with local shipyards that build steel vessels to international standards and we can project manage on your behalf. Click here for more information or ask us how. Now!]

  • Rather than the whole boat, do you only need a part to be made from composites - such as the wheelhouse on the aluminium boat below in the photo (beneath the videos)? We can do that too.

























If you are, you need to speak with Triac Composites as we know how to build composite boats. It's our specialty - commercial or leisure, power or sail, we can build it for you! 

And would it be a one off? Or are you looking at several? Or perhaps a production run?

















If you already have your own detailed plans, terrific! We can start the build immediately.


If you just have the concept, we can introduce you to several naval architects (and you pick the best for your design) for the detailed design. If you're unsure as to exactly what you would like, we can discuss that together with a naval architect. 

Once we have the plans, we have the demonstrated capability, resources and expertise to commence the build and deliver it to international standards.

Examples of composite boats include:

  • Pilot boats

  • Interceptor / patrol boats

  • Power boats

  • Pleasure / leisure boats

  • Catamarans etc

Enquire now!

If you are looking for a boat to be built from composites, please contact us at

We are an internationally owned and managed company with a highly skilled workforce located in HCMC, Vietnam. And our factory also has water frontage which now makes delivery by water an option if required.


It's that easy.

Sound too easy to be true? Please, come and visit our factory in HCMC, Vietnam. To good to be true? Email our General Manager now to organise a time. We think you will like what you see. 

Do you need a composite boat? Contact Triac Composites.
Triac Composites can build the entire boat or, as in this case fo, just the wheelhouse.  a European customer



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Composite superstructures and bench seats built for Danish ferries

Composite superstructures and bench seats built for Danish ferries

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Shipping dredgers from shed to river

Shipping dredgers from shed to river

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Triac builds and ships two steel fishing vessels to Denmark

Triac builds and ships two steel fishing vessels to Denmark

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