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A history to succeed


A history to succeed


Our Projects

The Directors of Triac Composites have a long history of working with composites as well as building plugs and moulds (especially for the marine industry - see video below).



Originally, the focus of our Directors was exclusively on sailing boats, predominantly trimarans. The relationship between sailing boats and composites is a very strong one. Sailing boats must be as light as possible (for speed); endure huge loads (strength) in areas such as the beams, bulkheads, masts etc) and not corrode in the salt water or under the sun's ultra violet rays. Sailing boats also have numerous parts that can easily be moulded from composites.

Our Directors decided to leverage our expertise, skills and experience into areas outside of sailing.

And our new clients are especially interested. As they learn more about the versatility and capability of composites, they are asking about all sorts of projects - eg saline water bins for a client's research laboratory in the aquaculture industry (watch the video).

From big to small, we can do projects of varying sizes and complexity.

So, if you think that composites might be the solution you have been looking for, talk to Triac Composites. Email 

Market Segments

The segments include:


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