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Outsourcing and one-off projects

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Special Projects

Are you interested in:

  • High load items made from prepreg carbon fiber and which has been cured in an autoclave? Whether it's "C" foils, masts, beams rudders or daggerboards - especially if they need to be shaped with a 7 axis Kuka robot, Triac has the experience and expertise to build them.

  • Outsourcing? Have you considered the business case for outsourcing your current composite production requirements to an internationally owned and managed Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in Vietnam?

  • Need plugs and moulds for your product? See the video below of a plug for a Rapido 50' trimaran. 

  • Changing to composites? Would using composites make your products more effective by extending their life / performance / capability / durability? Would composites give you freedom of design? 

  • Design support? Our senior management have decades of international experience working with composites and so we can provide you with pratical information, ideas and solutions. We can also work very closely with your chosen architects, designers and engineers (for example, with our Rapido 60 Trimaran, we work with the world renowned naval architects, Morelli & Melvin). 

Composites offer an enormous range of benefits and working with Triac Composites is super easy.

Examples of projects


If you have an enquiry, please email us now.








Triac Composites' team

Triac Composites is an Australian /Canadian owned and managed company based in Vietnam. We have a dedicated team of 70 highly skilled Vietnamese staff.


Together, we produce composite products at an international standard. We can achieve that international standard while keeping our competitive pricing.

A key part of the process in delivering to an international standard is effective communication. Effective communication is fundamental to developing  the trust and confidence of our clients, particularly those located on the other side of the world. Accordingly, for our international clients, we have native English speakers to keep you fully informed throughout the production cycle. For our Vietnamese clients, we have the native Vietnamese speakers, of course. 

Our clients and their products

Triac Composites has an expanding list of clients who come from USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam. 

Some international clients have requested that we manufacture several types of boats for them (and we are also able to build the the plugs and moulds).

Swimming schools have requested various products to resist the harsh corrosive environment in which they operate (ie chlorine water).

Architects have requested building facades because the composites can be moulded into exciting shapes, are light (reducing engineering requirements on the building's exterior), strong (can withstand typhoons) and don't corrode (in the salt air for coastal projects).


Aquaculture businesses are requesting some of their equipment be made from composites to extend their life (eliminates corrosion from the salt water).


Vietnam Railways was very keen on our composites because we could greatly reduce the weight (greater fuel economy) and produce single piece modules (removing the need for fasteners such as screws which can rattle loose on train carriages rolling up and down the country).   

Composites can do anything..

Depending upon the application, composites can do anything. They represent a classic case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts (for a full list of benefits, click here.)

To find out if composites can make the difference for your business, please contact us to discuss further. Composites could just be the difference.

Contact Triac Composites

Please email Triac Composites' General Manager, Phil Johns with some brief details of what you are trying to achieve. We will promptly revert with options so that you can make informed decisions.


Tric Composites built the scomposite superstructures for these ferries in Stockholm.
Composites: Welcome
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