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Build steel vessels in Vietnam to international standards

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Steel / Aluminium Vessels (construction)













Are you looking to build steel and / or aluminium vessels in Vietnam?


Many companies look to Asia as a place where they can build a vessel at an affordable price.


But which country? And once you have found the right country, which company?


While many vessels come out of Asia with excellent quality, not all do.


So how do you make the right choice?


Triac Composites can help you build steel vessels in Vietnam to international standards

It is true that Triac Composites are the specialists in composites. 


And, it is also true that the Australian principals at Triac Composites have close to 50 years of collective experience of doing business in Vietnam. 


We know the high quality ship builders.


We also know how to work with them to get the desired result.













Triac Composites - your trusted Builder Advisor for steel / aluminium vessels made in Vietnam       

As your trusted Builder Advisor, we can recommend the right builders to perform the required work on time, on budget - and on spec.

Language issues? Cross cultural issues? While these may leave you feeling at sea, we know how to manage this stuff to ensure the job is completed as expected. 

Our Australian principals take the lead role in dealing with international clients -and together with our highly skilled and senior Vietnamese staff, oversee the work of the local builders.

We also engage accreditation agencies such as Bureau Veritas (for a sample Bureau Veritas attestation for a keel laying on one of Triac Composites' projects, click here) independently assess and certify the quality of the work at each of the milestone points during the course of the project. That gives the client confidence in the quality of the workmanship - and an independent check that we, as your Builder Advisor, are overseeing the project in accordance with our commitments. 

Affordability, quality - and peace of mind

In summary, Asia offers you a huge opportunity for your new steel vessel in terms of quality and affordability. But for those who do not have the resources, time and/or capability to thoroughly do their research, it can be a risk.

Triac Composites, as your Builder Advisor, can offer a direct, transparent route to the right builders and throughout the course of the project. That ensures that your steel vessel will be built in Vietnam to international standards.

For you, that equals peace of mind.

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