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Rapido 40 Trimarans

  • Note: the information on the Rapido 40 is developing quickly and therefore, is subject to change. To ensure you have the latest, email General Director Paul Koch directly.

[Last updated 19  April 2019] The Rapido 40 Trimaran , due to be launched in 2020, will open the Rapido Experience to a far wider group of people.

See footer of page for more concept drawings (which are subject to change).

World acclaimed designers, Morrelli & Melvin have are now designing a Rapido 40 which will become the benchmark of the mid range size. Naturally, the Rapido 40 will be built by Triac Composites.

To view the above General Arrangement dated 19 April 2019, click onto the pdf file, RT40_001_GA_Interior_041819_P3

A Folding Mechanism for the 21st Century

To enable easy and more affordable single-berthing at the marina, the R40 will be a folding trimaran (folding the outer floats (amas) up against the centre hull) - but with an important difference. The R40 will feature a folding mechanism for the 21st Century.


The R40 will introduce a remarkable engineering solution to two age-old problems typically associated with folding trimarans; namely, the folding mechanism will:

  • Not compromise the boat's stability; and

  • Actually keep the floats in the upright position. Say goodbye to weeds, algae and barnacles growing on the sides!

General Arrangement of R40

Key Specifications

  • LOA - 12.00m

  • LWL - 11.96m

  • BOA - 8.30m

  • BOA (folded) - 4.60m

  • BOA (float to float CL) - 7.45m

  • Freeboard - 1.50m

  • T board up - 0.56m

  • T board down - 1.40m

  • Displacement (light) - 4.00t

  • Displacement (max) - 5.00t

  • SA Main - 76m2

  • SA Solent - 43m2

  • SA Staysail - 14.4m2

  • SA Reacher - 100m2

  • SA Asym Spin - 128m2

  • Price range: USD450,000 to USD600,000 (depending
    upon options)


Intracoastal Waterway

  • Max - 19.8m (65’) *

  • Mast Length Max - 17m

  • Mast Height above DWL - 19.3m


* Note: The design is for an ocean-going boat, built to CE Category A standards.


The mast height is capped at 65ft above the water so that it fits under all the bridges in intracoastal waterways.

Note: All items, prices and specifications are subject to change. 



The Rapido 40 has long "C" foils which will give a lot of lift and expect the performance will be very good; certainly better than almost all 40' cruising multihulls!

The Rapido's three other configurations

  1. Rapido 60 Cruiser - The flagship Rapido

  2. Rapido 60 Racer / Charter - Generating income on and off the racing circuit

  3. Rapido 50 Cruiser - The folder 

Further information

  • For further information, email General Director, Paul Koch.

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