The World's Ultimate Folding Ocean Cruising Trimaran

Rapido 50 Trimarans

The Rapido 50 Trimaran is the World's Ultimate Folding Ocean Cruising Trimaran. Designed by Morelli & Melvin, it is built exclusively by Triac Composites.


Folding mechanism halves width of Rapido 50









The Rapido 50 has all the benefits of its bigger sister, the Rapido 60 - but with a big difference. This magnificent trimaran comes with a folding mechanism to halve its width .

By folding the floats, the breadth of the Rapido 50 is reduced from 10.38m to 5.5m which makes mooring a breeze.

Note: the concept designs for the Rapido 50 below are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change.


Key Specifications

  • LOA - 15.24 m

  • LWL - 14.96 m

  • BOA - 10.38 m

  • BOA (folded) - 5.50 m

  • BOA (float to float CL) - 9.32 m

  • Freeboard - 1.60 m

  • T (board up) - 0.67 m

  • T (board down) - 3.52 m

  • Displacement (light) - 6.55t

  • Displacement (max) - 8.40t

  • SA Main - 95 m2

  • SA Solent - 54 m2

  • SA Staysail - 18 m2

  • SA Reacher - 125 m2

  • SA Asym Spin - 160 m2

  • Mast Height above DWL - 22.98 m

  • Pricing ex factory (Vietnam): US$800,000 to $1,200,000 (depending upon options)

Note: All items, prices and specifications are subject to change. 

Detailed specifications for Rapido 50 (PDF documents)

  1. Rapido 50 Interior arrangement

  2. Rapido 50 Sail plan (29 August 2019)

Further information on the Rapido 50 Cruiser 


Paul Koch explains the origins of the idea behind a folding Rapido 50 Trimaran

When the idea to make the Rapido 50 as a folding trimaran was first suggested, our initial reaction was, "ARE YOU CRAZY?". 

But after consulting with Pete Melvin from our designers, Morrelli & Melvin, we thought, "Why not!"

After all, our management team has built more folding trimarans than anyone else in the world and if anyone understands the challenges and how to do it right, we do!

It will add a small amount to the initial cost but the ability to park the boat in any marina that accepts monohulls will make it all worthwhile and the payback will be huge!

The Rapido's three configurations

  1. Rapido 60 Cruiser - The flagship Rapido

  2. Rapido 60 Racer / Charter - Generating income on and off the racing circuit

  3. Rapido 40 Cruiser - The folder 

Factory Address: Factory No. 4, Depot Saigon, Street No. 1 Long Thoi Commune, Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. See Google Maps.


Invoicing / correspondence: Factory No. 4, 9 Nguyen Van Tao Street, Long Thoi Commune, Nha Be District, HCMC, Vietnam.

Phone (English & Tiếng Việt): 
1. (+84) 28 3636 3220

2. (+84) 28 36363230 

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