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Composite swimming platforms for swimming schools

Triac Composites has just shipped one of two container loads of swimming platforms to an international customer with multiple swimming schools.

Swimming platforms are particularly important for swimming schools for a number of reasons including:

  1. Safety: They improve the level of safety especially in the deeper water where students can't touch the bottom of the pool. This reduces stress levels in students and increases their confidence.

  2. Efficiency: Platforms can enable far greater efficiency with the use of pool space. Regardless of the depth of the pool (depending upon the size of the platform), students will be able to stand. Therefore, schools can accommodate more students in the pool at the same time.

  3. Inclusivity: Swimming platforms can make swimming lessons accessible to a wider range of students, including those who are shorter or have disabilities, by providing an adjustable depth.

The swimming platforms built by Triac are designed by Triac.

Being made from composites, Triac's platforms do not corrode in the harsh environment of the pool's chlorine.

The shape of the platforms allows them to be easily stacked which leads to far greater efficiency of storage space when they are stored outside the pool.

The shape of the platforms enables easy stacking and storage.
The composite platforms do not corrode in the harsh chlorine environment.

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