Video: Foam panels for 3 x 24m ferries, shipped to Scandinavia

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Triac Composites has built foam panels for the superstructures of three 24m ferries in Scandinavia as well as composite bench seats.

To view video on You Tube, click here.

The third and final container with the panels and bench seats was shipped from Triac Composites' HCMC factory earlier this week on 7 October 2019.

The customer required the superstructure to be made from composite materials to:

  • Significantly reduce weight (for improved fuel efficiency and engine performance); and

  • Significantly reduce maintenance costs

Triac Composites was able to ship the containers three weeks ahead of schedule.

A photo of one completed ferry which appeared in a Stockholm newspaper on 2 March 2020.

Composite superstructure for vessel operating in shallow river?

Meanwhile, discussions with a company that runs extended river cruises regarding a superstructure for their 50m cruise ship which they will build in 2020. The issue they face is that the river they operate on is very shallow. having a composite superstructure will significantly reduce the weight and therefore the draft of the vessel in the shallow river.

Enquire now about your requirements

Are you looking to outsource some production?

Triac Composites can build the whole boat /superstructure - or we can just build the panels and ship them in containers to you.

For further enquiries:

Special thanks to our good friends, @Composite Solutions Group for the foam.

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