Party River Boat (15 pax) to launch in HCMC, December, 2018

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Triac Composites is delighted to confirm that it is currently building a Party River Boat, exclusively, for Vietnam.

A sneak preview of Triac Composites' Party River Boat that is expected to launch in HCMC in December, 2018.

Vietnam boasts a myriad of amazing inland waterways that offer boat travellers, a whole world of discovery that is completely hidden from the world which, in many cases, is suffered by motorists.

From the busy, bustling shipping ports to the floating markets... From the classic, natural waterways in the middle of HCMC to the incredible Cần Giờ Biosphere Reserve which has been listed by UNESCO... Vietnam has it all.

Across Vietnam, the rivers weave their way through the different cities. From a boat, they offer a completely different view of what we are used to seeing from the car/motorbike. Pictured here is a river in District 7, HCMC. None: none of these boat are the river boat to be built by Triac Composites.

Triac Composites is currently building an open-air river boat for up to 15 passengers who wish to spend several hours at a time on the water enjoying the scenery, each other's company and plenty of food and beverages.

Basic specifications

The twin-hulled boat, made from composites, has a length of 8.3 metres and a beam (width) of 3.2 metres. The roof has headroom that ranges from 1.9 metres to 2.1 metres which will easily accommodate most people when standing.

A shower and toilet are included.

Rivers like this one, just 45 minutes from HCMC, will become far more accessible with Triac Composites' new river boat.

Clearance height above the waterline is just 2.6 metres.

The deck is 0.4 metres above the waterline and the draft of the boat, which weighs just 1,250 kgs, is just 0.3 metres. Such a shallow draft will make exploring the shallow waters of the delta so much easier. Even when loaded with 15 passengers weighing an average of 70 kgs, the draft only drops to 0.4m.

Target market

Triac Composites believes this boat will be well suited for operators targeting tourists and corporate clients as well as private owners wishing to entertain friends and/or spend time with their families.

Launch date of river boat for Vietnam

Triac Composites' river boat is expected to launch in December 2018.


More details about Triac Composites' river boat will be released as we approach the launch date.

However, if you would like further information about Triac Composites' river boat for Vietnam, or would like to order one, please email General Manager, Phil Johns at

If you are interested in a river boat for another country - or would like Triac Composites to build a different boat for you, please talk to us so that we can discuss further. Email

Another great river in Vietnam. Note: this boat is not the river boat to be built by Triac Composites.

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