PRESS RELEASE – Mining Industry Targeted with Launch of Carbon Fiber Products for Mining Industry

Updated: Jul 30, 2019


HCMC, Vietnam, 26 February 2019. Triac Composites and Rivers Carbon have today announced details of a Joint Venture (JV) which will target the Mining Industry.

The JV, to be known as Carbon Tech Mining, will supply the Mining Industry with tailor-made carbon fiber, fiberglass and other composite products that will:

  • Reduce costs

  • Improve profits; and

  • Contribute to the health and safety of workers.

Carbon Fibre products, manufactured specifically for the Mining Industry, have greater:

  • Strength than steel at a fraction of the weight (in some cases, just 25 per cent) (delivering improved safety and greater mechanical and fuel efficiencies); and

  • Durability (longer life and less maintenance) as they are able to withstand intense heat and corrosive substances (eg salt, water and chemicals which can cause irreparable damage to other traditional materials).

Another key benefit for the Mining Industry which has highly specialized equipment is that carbon fibre products can be manufactured into virtually any shape (offering "design freedom"). This can reduce the number of required joins in finished products and, accordingly, the amount of maintenance required.

Mr Graeme Rivers, Technical Director of Rivers Carbon has 20 years of specialist experience working with carbon fibre and composites for the Mining Industry and 40 years of engineering experience more generally.

With the establishment of the JV, Mr Rivers said that “Shifting production from New Zealand to a highly experienced Australian-owned and managed factory in cost effective Vietnam will open many more opportunities for the Mining Industry. This JV offers better solutions with better pricing”.

Carbon fiber ventilation tubes, used in underground mines, have led to a reduction in injuries and have proven significantly more durable than products made with other materials.

Mr Paul Koch, General Director of Triac Composites, has more than 30 years’ experience building composite boats. They include high tech, all-carbon, sailing boats that must be both light and able to withstand enormous loads when crossing oceans. The boats must also be resistant to the severe corrosive effects of saline water. Mr Koch has built composite boats in Australia, the USA and, for the last 12 years, in Vietnam.

Mr Koch commented that the “Sailing Industry operates in extreme conditions and so too does the Mining Industry".

“Our new partner, Rivers Carbon”, added Mr Koch, “complements our composite capabilities in manufacturing with their specialist design expertise in the Mining Industry. Now, everything becomes possible.”

Vietnam Roundtable Forum, Perth, Australia

Carbon Tech Mining will join a Vietnam Roundtable Forum in Perth, Western Australia, on 1 March 2019. Attendees will include representatives of the Australian Mining Industry and the Vietnamese Consul-General to Perth, Mr Phung The Long.

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