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Steel vessels, project managed by Triac, in the water

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

Triac Composites has been project managing the construction of these two 52-tonne steel commercial fishing vessels, with aluminium wheelhouses.

[Video Update 19 August 2019: the two fishing vessels were loaded onto the Heavy Lift ship on 11 August 2019.]

The steel fishing vessels are now in the water in HCMC prior to sea trials which commence on 8 July 2019.
These steel fishing vessels, the construction of which has been project-managed by Triac Composites, are now in the water in HCMC prior to sea trials which commence on 8 July 2019.

Last week, the boats were put in the water so that they could be finished prior to the sea trials commencing on 8 July, 2019. They needed to be pulled out of the construction shed due to the height restrictions of the shed they were in.

Each vessel is 16m in length and has beams of 6m.

The vessels are being built for a customer in Scandinavia and, therefore, are being built to Scandinavian standards which includes a fit out for extreme sub zero temperatures!

While sub zero temperatures may be the norm in a Scandinavian winter, they certainly aren't in the temperate climes of tropical Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! So, hot conditions for the workers on this project to ensure that the crew on board the boats in Scandinavia will stay nice and warm!

Additional information on this project can be found by clicking here.


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