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Bill's surfboard needed some repair work and so he dropped into Triac Composites' factory in HCMC. Soon, with repaired surfboard in hand, he jumped onto a train and headed up the coast for some waves. On board the train, he realised that his carriage's interior had been built by Triac Composites! See below for more from Bill.

With surfboard repaired by Triac Composites, Bill discovered his train carriage's interior had been built by Triac - before discovering some nice waves.

"Two weekends ago, I'm in Triac Composites' factory in HCMC getting an expert surfboard repair done by Mr Trung.

"The next weekend I'm heading for the coast, in comfort - in a train carriage which the same legends from Triac Composites put together.

Bill's bunk on the train had been built by Triac Composites as well as the ceilings, walls and table in his cabin. Triac Composites has been supplying Vietnam Railways with interiors, which also include washrooms and electrical cabinets for more than two years.

"Thank you to Mr Trung who repaired my board. Legend!"

Mr Trung, from Triac Composites, repairs Bill's surfboard in our HCMC factory in Vietnam.

Note: Triac Composites has built many of the interiors for Vietnam Railways' new trains. The interiors include bunks, walls, washrooms, ceilings and electrical cabinet units.

For further information

  • For more information on the work that Triac Composites does for Vietnam Railways, please click here.

Photos, courtesy of Bill.

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