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Video: Aquaculture customer seeks composite solution

A customer from the aquaculture industry asked Triac Composites for 130 saline water bins for their research laboratory.

Of critical importance to the customer was that the bins' internal walls needed to be kept clean (to ensure the health of the stock), would not corrode in the salt water and needed to be a particular size and shape.

And so Triac Composites tailor designed a solution for the customer, as per the You Tube video above (click here to see on Facebook).

Do you need a tailored composites solution?

If you think that your issue may be resolved with composites, please email Phil Johns at Triac Composites.


  • Background music by Bensound royalty-free music at

  • Video footage of Rapido 60: Rapido Trimarans

  • Background music in Rapido footage: Onwards upwards 2 (French Revolution Remix version) by Epidemic Sound.

  • All other footage by Triac Composites.

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