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Video: Demo sailors discover Rapido is "future of sailing"

Updated: Jan 11

"I'm a power-cat owner but this boat has reignited my sailing fires", said one person after a demo sail of the Rapido 60, Romanza (built by Triac Composites) in New Zealand recently.

Another was impressed that, with one hand on her hat, she could sail Romanza with her other hand on the helm - at 27.5 knots! For Dougall and Jaz Love, owners of Romanza, these comments are fairly typical for those who experience Rapido for the first time. That's why they believe Rapido is the future of sailing. Rapido's co founder, Paul Koch, joined Jaz, Dougall and the customers in New Zealand for the demo sails.  For more comments on the Rapido, click on the video above, (To view on Facebook, click here.) Further Information:

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