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Video: Rapido Trimaran uses C-Ply carbon fibre in construction

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

The Chomarat Group is the supplier of the carbon fibre for Rapido Trimarans. The "C-Ply" carbon fibre is used in the hull, floats and beams of the trimaran which is exclusively built by Triac Composites.

Triac Composite's Director & Operations Manager, James Sganzerla, speaks enthusiastically of C-Ply's "really smooth finish" as well as its lightness and ease of use.

The result? Both weight and cost savings - essential ingredients in any sailing boat.

The video above was commissioned by C-PLY.

For the original article about C-Ply and Rapido Trimarans, click here.

What if you built it in composites?

  • Could it eliminate those issues (eg rust, fatigue, weight, weakness etc) associated with other materials?

  • Could it open up new possibilities and horizons?

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