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Video: Sailing faster than the wind with Ineffable, the Rapido 60

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Kellie Peterson Sails faster than the wind in Episode 17 of her Sailing Starship Friendship You Tube series with the Rapido 60, Ineffable.

Choice quotes from presenter, Kellie Peterson

  • When we arrived in Las Palmas, we were excited to meet more great sailors and honored to be invited to spend the day on a Rapido Trimaran named, Ineffable. An ineffable experience!

  • I heard it (Ineffable) does 30 knots. Whoa!

  • What a crazy, incredible, thrilling experience that must be.

  • Three days (for Ineffable to sail) from Gibraltar to here (Las Palmas, Canary Islands)? That's insane. It would have taken us ten days (in our catamaran).

  • We are sailing on a fast trimaran today and we will see what she can do with a very little bit of wind.

  • I love it.

  • We're having such a wonderful time here (Skipper, Stephen Bourne)

  • How cool is that? Awesome! Lucky us!

  • That was delightful and amazing!

Footage of Ineffable, the Rapido 60, built by Triac Composites, first appears at 6.15 mins and then again at 8.19 mins.

  • To view the video which was published on 6 January 2019, click here.

  • To follow Kellie Peterson in her Sailing Starship Friendship videos, click here.

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