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Direct flights link Australian miners with Carbon Tech Mining in HCMC

The West Australian newspaper has reported that Pilbara Airlines will commence twice weekly flights from Port Hedland in North Western Australia, direct to HCMC and other destinations in South East Asia, from December 2019.

Carbon Tech Mining (CTM) (a joint venture between Triac Composites (Australian owned and managed manufacturer in Vietnam and Rivers Carbon) welcomed the news which was announced by Pilbara Airlines' owner, Peter Carter.

Port Hedland is an incredibly important shipping port for the nearby iron ore mines. Each of those immense iron ore mines has a set of needs that composite products are well suited to addressing. Composite products are, of course, incredibly robust, have an extremely high strength to weight ratio, fire resistant, won't corrode or rust etc, etc. All attributes with a strong return on investment and often, improvements in safety.

The direct flights will give CTM direct access to the mines at Port Hedland - and they will give the mines direct access to CTM.

The direct flights are expected to prove very popular with miners keen to explore the wonders of Vietnam as an amazing tourism destination.

And while they are here in Vietnam, CTM is encouraging the miners to visit the CTM/Triac Composites' factory which is located just 30 minutes drive from District 1 in HCMC.

CTM invites miners to visit Triac Composites' factory in HCMC

"Just come and visit us", says Triac Composites' General Manager, Phil Johns.

"Visit our factory and see for yourself the level that an internationally owned and managed composites factory in HCMC can operate at. You will be impressed."

Would you like to visit the factory?

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