Rapido - "among the fastest and most seductive multihulls to ever exist", Multihulls World magazine

Updated: May 25, 2020

The Rapido 60 is reviewed by Philippe Echelle in the current issue of Multihulls World magazine's Summer 2019 (Edition 13) issue.

Philippe asks whether the Rapido 60 is "among the fastest and most seductive multihulls to ever exist".

Check out 20 more quotes below from Philippe's article.

Philippe Echelle asks in Multihulls World Magazine, "Is Rapido 60 the most exciting production multihull in the world?'.

20 Rapido Quotes from Philippe Echelle, Multihulls World Magazine

  1. I invite you aboard one of the most exciting live aboard multihulls ever produced.

  2. Rapido is very seductive.

  3. Creative originality...

  4. The ergonomics of the boat hit you and accompany you everywhere.

  5. The intelligence of this globally innovative design is remarkable.

  6. The foredeck, having side trampolines, is exceptional for a trimaran.

  7. The central cockpit area is vast.

  8. An astonishing panoramic view.

  9. The care given to the finish is obvious, the marriage of the magnificent composite and decorative elements testifies to a very sure taste.

  10. The most efficient 60' catamarans run at around 13t but the Rapido claims a maximum weight of 11t and our test boat weighed 10.5t.

  11. But is this advantage on paper transformed on the water? Let me answer in advance: yes!

  12. ...set off like a racehorse.

  13. The Rapido... points like a hunting dog.

  14. I am amazed to see that we are slipping beyond the speed of the wind in this light breeze.

  15. The true didn't reach 10 knots and our speed oscillated between 9 and 11.4 knots!

  16. All other sailboats seem stuck in a sticky sea while we surf constantly with peaks at 16 knots.

  17. The trimaran is capable of breathtaking and steady performance under medium or even light conditions

  18. The security of this tri with its voluminous hulls will allow amazing days without necessarily calling on all available power.

  19. The Rapido offers rare sensations in liveability.

  20. For day sailing as much as offshore cruising, (Rapido) can claim pride of place among the fastest and most seductive multihulls to ever exist.

Video of Rapido 60

New Industrial robot to build plugs and moulds for Rapido 50 and 40

See the video below of the new robot which will help build the plugs and moulds for the new Rapido 40 and 50.

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