Storm-damaged yacht repaired by Triac Composites

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

A recent storm has severely damaged a luxury yacht in central Vietnam.

The damaged luxury yacht being repaired by Triac Composites.

Some thought that the diving platform, located on the rear of the yacht, was beyond repair - but not Triac Composites.

The same diving platform - after being repaired by Triac Composites.

Thanks to the power of composites - and the expertise of Triac's staff - a complete restoration was both possible and achievable.

  • Triac Composites can also do a makover on old boats looking for a new lease of life. Click here.

The diving platform was trucked to Triac Composites' factory in HCMC two weeks ago.

By yesterday (14 September 2018), the repaired and renovated platform was being painted and was well and truly on the way to returning to its former glory. Once the teak timber is fitted to the platform, nobody will know the difference. It will look identical and its original strength will have been restored.

The damaged diving platform has nearly returned to its former glory. Now, just add teak!

Triac Composites repairs damaged yachts

Triac Composites is able to repair and restore composite yachts that have been damaged and/or, simply need to be refreshed with a makeover.

If you would like details on the repair work offered by Triac Composites, email

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