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Triac manufactures facade for wedding event convention hall

Triac Composites is delighted to be the manufacturer of an architectural facade for the Wedding Event Convention Hall in Dong Hoi, Quang Binh Province (south of Hanoi).

Above - video shows what the WECH will look like when completed with 406 composite panels, manufactured by Triac Composites (from 1.14minutes in video). (Video prepared by SLA Designers.)

The project, including the facade, was designed by SLA Designers.

SLA Designers state that "the facade is inspired by the traditional Vietnamese fishnet, with structural bamboos supporting a light net floating above the sea (click here for full description)".

Triac Composites was requested to manufacture the 406 facade panels, in four configurations.

Each panel measures 4.2 metres x 2.0 metres.

Full scale production of the panels will commence in Quarter 4, 2018. Completion of the project will occur in Quarter 2 of 2019.

The facade for the Wedding Convention Centre in Dong Hoi is manufactured by Triac Composites and designed by SLA Designers.
The facade for the Wedding Convention Centre in Dong Hoi is manufactured by Triac Composites and designed by SLA Designers.

Reasons for choosing facades made from composites

The designers were keen to have a facade which was made from composites for the following reasons:

  • Composites are very light. Each of the facade panels weigh just 42 kilograms. With such a lightweight structure, construction costs for the main building structure are minimised.

  • Even though the panels are relatively light, they still retain great strength which is very important where winds can be high (Dong Hoi can experience typhoons)

  • With the project being coastal, corrosion from salt air and water can be a big issue - but not for composites.

  • Composites can withstand the deleterious effect of the sun's UV rays for many years.

  • Composites empower designers with "freedom of design"; the ability to design shapes that are not easily replicated (or impossible to replicate) with other materials.

The designers also felt additional confidence in asking Triac Composites to build the composite facade due to our long experience of working with composites. After all, our history is composite sailing boats - and they need to be light, strong, able to withstand the corrosive effects of the salt, sun etc.

Presentation by SLA Designers on WECH

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