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Huge IDEC Sport Trimaran storms into HCMC, Vietnam

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

She is the current holder of both the round-the-world Jules Verne Trophy and the Route du Rhum transatlantic single-handed yacht race.

She is 103′ of lean, mean sailing muscle.

She is the amazing IDEC Sport Trimaran and last week (5 December 2019), she sailed into HCMC, Vietnam which is where we build Rapido Trimarans at Triac Composites' factory.

[To view video on You Tube, click here.]

Rapido was lucky enough to have an informal tour of this incredible trimaran and above is a short video prepared by Rapido (Note, Rapido Trimarans and Triac Composites do not have any official or unofficial relationship with IDEC Sport Trimaran).

Wow! Three knives with a massive sail carving up the world’s oceans! What a weapon!! What a thrill!

Official IDEC Sport video: IDEC Sport Trimaran arrives in Vietnam

Watch this video and imagine sailing your new Rapido from our shipyard down the same river before entering the oceans to the world.

For a taste of the exhilarating speed of this IDEC Sport Trimaran, see below.

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Rapido Trimarans thanks IDEC Sport Trimaran for the opportunity to join their trimaran tour.



  • Video footage: 7 December 2019, HCMC, Vietnam (by Rapido Trimarans).

  • Video prepared by Rapido Trimarans, 10 December 2019.

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