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MEDIA RELEASE: Vietnam-built sailing boat voted “3rd Best in World” at French Boat Show

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

Rapido Trimarans' 60' skates across the water.
Rapido Trimarans' 60' boat has been voted 3rd best Multihull in the world at Multihulls World magazine.

A Vietnam-built sailing boat has been voted “3rd Best in World” at a ceremony held at the La Grande Motte Boat Show in France last week.

The Rapido 60’ (18m) Trimaran which is built by Triac Composites in District 2, HCMC, took 3rd prize in the “Over 50ft (15m)” category for the competition which was organized by Multihulls World magazine.

High quality workmanship in Vietnam

General Director of Triac Composites, Mr Paul Koch, said that the Award “reflected the high quality of workmanship that is now available here in Vietnam”.

“We commissioned a world class design from Morelli & Melvin in the US”, added Mr Koch, “which our highly skilled workforce was then able to bring to life using the latest technology in composites.”

Composites are especially highly regarded in the aviation and sailing industries due to their light weight, great strength and flexibility in design.

Triac takes composites into other industries

Triac Composites’ expertise in the marine industry is extensive.

Triac was established in 2014 by the principals who have 10 years of experience in Vietnam building sail boats, powerboats, coastal patrol boats - and interior fit outs for customers from the US, Europe Australasia and domestically. They have an additional 30 years’ experience in the US and Australia.

With the domestic and export markets’ growing interest in the versatility, strength and weight advantage of composites, Triac has received orders for interiors of trains, architectural facades, European and American boats and high tech carbon components for maxi yachts utilizing their CNC machines and autoclave.

“Vietnam’s recognition on the world stage last week in France was well deserved”, said Mr Koch.

“Going forward, which is the Vietnamese mind-set, the world will learn much more about Vietnam’s capability and skill set in composites as the market further expands.”

Video and photos

For video and more photos of the Rapido 60, click here.

Media Enquiries

Paul Koch, General Director P. +84 939 040 201 E.

Phil Johns

P. +84 1223 707 615

What if you built it in composites?

  • Could it eliminate those issues (eg rust, fatigue, weight, weakness etc) associated with other materials?

  • Could it open up new possibilities and horizons?

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