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Paul Koch to visit Australia on Romanza; 3-25 August 2018

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Paul Koch, co owner of Rapido Trimarans and Triac Composites will be in Queensland, Australia from 3-25 August 2018, specifically:

  • 3-5 August 2018 at the Sydney International Boat Show; and

  • 6-25 August on board the Rapido 60, Romanza for Hamilton Island Race Week and Airlie Beach Race week.

Paul Koch, Rapido Trimarans, Triac Composites, Hamilton Island Race Week, Airlie Beach
Paul Koch (back row) will be in Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island from 6-25 August, 2018.

What to discuss with Paul

Paul will be able to fill you in on all the details about the Rapido 60, Rapido 50, the coming relocation of our factory (yes, we are moving to bigger and better premises, but still in HCMC).

Other initiatives include building boats/hulls for other manufacturers (outsourcing); architectural / building facades. train interiors and even some special purpose projects where salt and chlorine has been causing major corrosion issues for businesses.

Contact Paul now

If you would like to meet with Paul, and climb aboard Romanza, please contact him on:


  • Ph +84 939 040 201 (Vietnam)

  • Ph +61 403 426 634 (Australia)

Paul's Travel Dates

What if you built it in composites?

  • Could it eliminate those issues (eg rust, fatigue, weight, weakness etc) associated with other materials?

  • Could it open up new possibilities and horizons?

Why not ask us? You'll never know if you never ask...

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