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Sail faster than the wind with a Divinycell Core (by Triac Composites), reports Composites Today

Updated: Jun 10, 2018

Composites World has published an article titled, Sail faster than the wind with a Divinycell Core (1 August 2016), about the Rapido Trimaran. The Rapido Trimaran is built by Triac Composites and uses a number of products produced by Diab Group.

Below is an edited extract.

"You only need a glimpse of the Rapido 60 in action to know that there’s nothing else like it. It’s the ultimate sail boat a cruising trimaran that’s fast, powerful and easy to handle, even in a storm. Designed by leading naval architects using cutting-edge technology, the Rapido is lightweight, safe and impossibly comfortable, all thanks to its state-of-the-art Divinycell core.

"The Rapido 60 has been designed and manufactured by Vietnam-based TRIAC Composites. The boat’s design was the brainchild of TRIAC Directors and expert trimaran builders Paul Koch and James Sganzerla. With more than six decades of combined experience and over 1500 successful launches, Koch and Sganzerla have been responsible for building more trimarans than anyone else in the industry...

"Sandwich construction offered a solution that would reduce weight by as much as 50% compared to more traditional materials. With top-quality products as well as local technical and sales support, Diab was TRIAC’s obvious choice to supply composite core materials for the Rapido 60.

"Partnering with Diab, TRIAC selected a range of Divinycell H products, including Divinycell H80 and H100 for the hulls, Divinycell H130 for the daggerboard, and even Divinycell H35 for the boat’s furniture. Divinycell H material offers an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, supreme buoyancy, and excellent fatigue resistance for marine applications where low weight and toughness are a must. 

"Divinycell HP 80, which combines all the advantages of Divinycell H with high temperature resistance for prepreg processes, was used for the Rapido’s beam. In addition, Diab-owned Composites Consulting Group (CCG) provided TRIAC with prepreg support during the construction...

"The sandwich carbon construction also provides a high degree of insulation to keep passengers cool under a beating summer sun...".

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