Triac joins keel laying ceremony for steel vessels bound for Europe

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Triac Composites has joined a keel laying ceremony for two commercial fishing vessels in HCMC. The event was held at the shipyard in HCMC yesterday, 15 August 2018.

Triac Composites is the Builder Advisor for a commercial fishing vessel. The keel laying ceremony for the steel vessel was held in HCMC yesterday, 15 August 2018. The vessel is being built to international standards for a customer in Europe.

Each of the two 52 tonne steel vessels, with aluminium wheelhouses, are 16m in length and have beams of 6m.

The vessels are being built for a customer in Europe and therefore, are being built to European standards.

Bureau Veritas has attested that it has "examined the keel laying of the subject vessels and hereby confirms that the subject vessels have successfully performed the keel laying on 15 August at the shipyard".

Triac Composites, as the Builder Advisor for this construction, was represented at the ceremony by General Manager, Phil Johns and Consultant, Damien Judd.

UPDATE - A photo of the vessels on 30 October 2018.
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  • To view a photo gallery of the ships being built, click here.

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The Bureau Veritas attestation for the keel laying of the steel vessels

The Bureau Veritas attestation dated 15 August 2018 for the keel laying of the two steel fishing vessels.

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